Welcome to our new undergrads

Three new undergrad researchers joined the Musselman lab this spring: Azva Alvi, Christina Capobianco, and Ashley O’Toole.

Ashley is screening potential regulators of cardiac lipotoxicity. Christina is working on experimental evolution. Azva is studying the effects of stress on flies.

Welcome, new students

We are excited to welcome two new PhD students to the lab. Tom Rundell and Christie Santoro joined this summer and are doing great.

Christie is benchmarking a heart pacing assay and  and Tom is working on establishing populations we got from the Ayroles lab for a high sugar experimental evolution experiment.

New grant funded

Laura was thrilled to receive a call from the NIDDK last week regarding the funding of her R15 proposal entitled “Laboratory Selection for Drosophilia Melanogaster Genetic Variants that Confer Increased Survival on a Diabetogenic Diet.”

Guest lecture

Yesterday, Dr. Musselman gave a guest lecture in “Darwinian Medicine” (Anthropology 248) describing the use of Drosophila in transgenerational models of inherited disease. It was great chatting with new folks in Anthro!